We are taking pride in having established our import business in various capacities. We carry out our import business from China through our own company employees traveling or stationed in China, who perfectly carry out a smooth business with their expertise on the International Trading and Import Regulations Our direct import business is managed through a stable channel network and intermediaries comprising of agents, distributors, wholesalers and retailers. With this established network our products reach the end users. We get to watch the market closely and also feedback reaches us sooner for us to be able to come up with a more practical and feasible marketing strategy



Importing from China brings both exhilaration and concern to a lot of customers. There is a likelihood of good earning but however there is the dilemma and hardship of transacting with the Chinese who have a totally various organizational tradition and regulations.

Operating a China importing enterprise is perfectly tough and very imposing and specifically for companies commencing the trade and new to the Importing regulations. Direct import has its limitations as means in China market exit and involves huge amount of capitals, employment of large number of talents. Setting up an overseas network would require lots of efforts.

Teamed with our expertise on the International trading and Import regulations, our Quality Maintenance and control has been luring other brands as well to bring their product to the market as per their needs. The companies aspiring to import do not have to worry about all the problems involved in importing. We act as their import merchants with regards to packing, labeling, and transportation, etc. nor they need to set up their own office and can totally benefit from our expertise of import know – how and contacts paving way to save their time and various risks.



To add to our service feathers we help individual or huge gated projects to purchase and bring material as initially estimated for the project. Solutions of building materials and focuses on securing the best supply services with wide range of product choice to increase the sourcing efficiency and maximize the interests of contractor, builders, designers and owners. With rich experience in construction industry, we focus on offering the best products with competitive price and adopt advanced management system to optimize the sourcing process with quality assurance, quality control, export documentation to shipping control.

Whatever the business and buying needs may be, be it direct or intermediary for distribution of for individual Projects with estimation, we are a complete building material solution under one roof.





We will work on your behalf to find the best product suiting your requirement and the best pricing available in order to reduce your costs. We can also keep you updated about the upcoming events and opportunities and prices to keep you in front and updated in the market


We save our clients the trouble of risk of doing business with China. For those who want to import from China, we will inspect the suppliers, making sure that they have the ability to export the products you need. We will check the products quality and quantity and ensure that all the products are loaded into the container correctly and safely before paying the balance payment. We are your eyes in China


We provide strict quality control to make sure that the products meet your needs. We check the quality of the product material, size, color, packing and the product functions. We keep you update about the stock status.


We can be your import agent. We specialize in handling all the process in import. We provide import with Transportation, warehousing service, customs declaration & inspection services. We arrange for all documentation and necessary certification We also provide cargo tracking services, documental services as per your requirement.


We monitor the delivery time, choose the efficient shipping way or shipping line. We inspect the packaging and load the containers on the spot for you. We ensure that no space is wasted in the container. After loading, we will arrange and express all the documents to you.


We are experienced in Chinese culture and language. We can make things easier for you during your visit in China during the procurement process.