Rustic Tiles



This collection which is perfect blend of nature and technology is strong in impact and caters to modern and classy taste at the same time. The Rustic Floor Tiles are available in many attractive colours and designs. These Floor Tiles are of high quality and so have excellent load bearing tendencies. The Rustic Floor Tiles are designed to be non slippery and are extremely easy to clean. We offer the range of Rustic Floor Tiles at reasonable prices. These dense, fine-grained tiles are fired in excess of 1000°C, resulting in strong and durable floor tiles which are suitable for bath, interior and exterior use. Main products ranging from traditional rustic tiles & the stone-imitated tiles, to the matching accessories, are all known for its superior hardness, perfect abrasion resistance and ultra-low water absorption, which draw great concern and popularity in Indian market. Not only is today’s ceramic tile enduringly fashionable, but thanks to some inventive variations in style, shapes, colours and finishes, versatile as well.  Which means it’s moved well beyond its conventional place in entryways and bathrooms to take center stage in the main living areas of the home.