Product Highlights


We make high end products to meet international forces and customers demanding more sophisticated products. Our products are next Generation vitrified tiles manufactured by the world leaders with a breakthrough of its type by Nano Technology. Using this revolutionary technology, tiles faces are coated with nano-sized ceramic particles that penetrate micro pores of the surface with the help of suitable suspension agents. Nano polish is based on Chemical-Nanotechnology, the specially formulated product contains Functional Nano Particles that are specially linked into a Silicon Matrix in a Solvent Base. Such self-organizing Nano components will form an invisible layer on the surface of vitrified tiles which will have excellent water/dust repellent & anti-bacterial properties.


Our Products are competitive in pricing and results in consolidated savings to the customer.


Well-qualified and experienced Marketing and Technical team provides Quality and Service to Customers.


Our packing methods is best in the industry 3 ply White boards and Layer pads with printed strapping rolls as foolproof method and Stickers to indicate colour and designs along with the installation and application guidelines


Our manufacturing factory is located in the prime area and is well connected by roads, rails, which facilitates easy transportation. The company has its own resources to provide services to customers.


Our Tiles highlight any areas of Interior and Exterior floor cladding, Lobbies, Lounges, Pillars, Residences, Offices and Commercial Places. Stairways of Step and Raising areas of Floors and Skirting areas and pool side with Landscape


The tiles are available in a wide range of attractive colours and finishes which would be a feast to the eye. When the tiles are laid, they produce the most stunning effect a visual treat which can be cherished forever


Our products are powered by Quality’ in all the areas of Manufacturing, Marketing and Service. They are tested by reputed labs endorsed with ISO 9001 certification. We take pride in setting the standards’ for the Tile Industry with unlimited creative application possibilities to Architects, Designers and Builders.