Polished Porcelain Tiles



With a shiny light on the surface and crystal finish this collection creates a luxurious atmosphere. Adopting self developed computer digital controlled line distribution system the polished porcelain tiles are ensured of clear and natural veins. Together with the decoration of micro powders and semitransparent materials the gliding lines and abundant decorative colours or natural stones are achieved, with nice stone- stimulating effects, low water absorption rate and high strength. Such techniques take the lead and excel practices.

The use of best of the materials available ensures extra ordinary quality, high gloss (more than 90 percent), superior polished surface, desired functionality and durability designed to withstand rough & tough conditions. The compact and homogenous texture meets the highest standard and technical specifications. These tiles are resistant to chemicals, abrasion (scratch), and fire and staining, easy to maintain and ensures hygienic surroundings.