• Fire Resistance: It is an incombustible material and bases provide assemblies with fire ratings of up to 2 hrs. for partitions, ceilings and column fireproofing.
  • Strength: When securely attached, gypsum plaster bases add lateral stability to the assembly and braves being waterproof and moisture balancing.
  • Thermal durability: Finishes are guaranteed with heat preservation and protection.
  • Sound Resistance: Partitions faced with gypsum plaster bases and plaster on both sides have excellent resistance to sound transmission.
  • Insulation: It vouches to being Anti-static and prevents Electromagnetic waves and the interior remains cool during summer and warm during winter.
  • Rust Inhibitor: Perfect rust preventive agent and inhibits corrosion of electrical metal fittings, pipes etc. Metal lathing embedded in Gypsum Plaster will not corrode or rust.
  • Resilience: It provides a very high degree of resilience and  makes assemblies suitable for party walls.
  • Bonding: It bonds to these gypsum plaster bases with a safety factor far higher than required to meet usual construction standards.
  • Durability: Not harmfully affected by decay, dry rot, or normal humidity levels; will not attract vermin.

Gypsum Plaster