Penda Marketing was incorporated in the year 2008. Penda entered the doors of the vast Tiles industry as a small partnership firm and engaged a steady business with its trade of Tiles with Chennai as its head office.

The firm was converted into a Private Limited Company in 2009 to widen its strength and operations. Gaining momentum and earning customers trust with its quality products Penda moved on to establish its footprints by expanding its operations in Cochin Market in 2010 and next in Bangalore in 2013. The year 2013 was again a major leap as it set out with its overseas branches in HongKong and China.

The company has a brand name of ‘4ever’ for Tiles and ‘Gypking’ for Gypsum products. The promoters have been involved in this business for over the year through other companies for the quality and service that the company offers.


Our unique growth profile, high brand pull and proven track record are symbolic of our – strong performance. We are on a constant quest to make superior products through extensive research. The result is evident in our annual performance. A robust production, infrastructure, distribution, sales network and the ability to predict, prepares us for future growth. The future is definitely ours with its globally distributed network being one of the largest in the industry and comprises of a strong network of reliable stores and dealers.


Taking the lead position in the market by quality and durability, our products and operations are spreading out not only in India, but also in International markets. We have our manufacturing company in China and have our operations spread across India, Hong Kong and UAE.  Our branch in UAE is flourishing as a major Trading company due to high demand for our products. In India we operate out of Chennai, Cochin and Bangalore. These foot prints give us the leverage to pride that the company is globally associated with high quality design and demand led products.