Indirect Import


Importing from China brings both exhilaration and concern to a lot of customers. There is a likelihood of good earning but however there is the dilemma and hardship of transacting with the Chinese who have a totally various organizational tradition and regulations. Operating a China importing enterprise is perfectly tough and very imposing and specifically for companies commencing the trade and new to the Importing regulations. Direct import has its limitations as means in China market exit and involves huge amount of capitals, employment of large number of talents. Setting up an overseas network would require lots of efforts.

Teamed with our expertise on the International trading and Import regulations, our Quality Maintenance and control has been luring other brands as well to bring their product to the market as per their needs. The companies aspiring to import do not have to worry about all the problems involved in importing. We act as their import merchants with regards to packing, labeling, and transportation, etc. nor they need to set up their own office and can totally benefit from our expertise of import know – how and contacts paving way to save their time and various risks.