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EP Laminatic Porcelain Panel


Features of Laminatic Porcelain panel

1. The laminatic Porcelain panel IX is the platelike ceramic product made of clay or kaoline and other inorganic non metallic materials through the productive technology of shaping and hard fire etc. The unique feature is its thickness. When the thickness of common glazed brick is 10.6mm, the sheet is only 4.8-5.5mm which is half of the thickness.

2. The ceramics belong to “three high” industry which means they consume high energy, high pollution and high emission, however, the sheet consumes low energy, environment-friendly. Also its face decoration is more aesthetic than the high end ceramic tile.

3.The lamanatic porcelain panel IX is the new decoration with high profit returns. It not only conforms to the domestic and overseas requirements but also rewrites the industry structure to get the high profit returns by construction quality, accelerating construction speed, reducing construction pollution, improving design works and lowering integrated cost etc.