Decorative Boards and Panels

In order to meet individuation requirements of different customers, Penda wood grain veneer panel is based on paper coated magnesium oxide board, laminated with pure natural wood peel, technological wood peel or wood grain paper separately. Wood veneer panel is the ideal choice of modern inner decoration. The appearance decorative effect designed by our panels has the same feelings with genuine wood materials. It has natural colour and lustre, clear texture and keeps the nature of wood products.


Product Performance


Precious and fashionable: With high class solid timber applied on its surface, the flame retardant timer veneer is endowed with an air of nobleness in its natural and soft texture. The pure of raw timber, combined with its feature of being cool in summer and warm in winter, ensures a comfortable and relaxing space.

Safe flame retardant performance: Specially developed base material has high tensile strength at both horizontal and vertical directions, good tightness, high flame retardant, and fire protection rating up to National Flame Retardant Standards Class A. Superb fire resistance performance of the base material ensuring a safer living space.

Environmental protection and health: The veneer contains no hazardous contents, such as cotton asbestos or benzene, or dangerous radiation. Formaldehyde level is nearly zero. Penda mgo board decorative boards and panels represent high standard environmental protection requirements and is a model of new environmental protection     material.



Penda mgo decorative boards and panels come in a range of finishes in a range of colours, such as HPL mgo board, PVC film faced mgo board and so on, custom sizing also available on request.