About us

Penda Marketing is one of the leading building materials suppliers, with operations in India, Hong kong and channel partners in other countries. It is taking a lead positionĀ in all buildingĀ materials supplies and takes great pride in introducing some of its best products in India, with leading R&D and technology, as well as sizeable captive supplies of building materials and outstanding distribution networks.

Penda Marketing has its footprint in all verticals of urban landscaping, paving, decorating, residential interior and exterior pool and patio surfacing, commercial interior and exterior cladding and paving, architectural details from fireplaces, countertops and benches, the choices are just limitless.

The Company’s leadership position in the Tiles industry is the result of a consistent management strategy that focuses on product diversity, geographic reach and vertical integration – Our customers are the heart of our business. We collaborate closely with them to ensure that we evolve and develop our products in line with their continually changing needs.

We at Penda Marketing are committed to its promise of ‘transforming tomorrow’ and the three values that underpin Sustainability, Quality and Leadership. These values shape our behaviour. We recognize that the Company has a duty to its stakeholders to operate in a responsible and transparent manner and to safeguard the well-being of all its stakeholders, including employees, and its entire customer and the communities in which we operate.

No discussion of the Group’s philosophy would be complete without reference to our employees. The Company is only as good as its people, and our journey through all times was helped by their efforts, flexibility and understanding.