4ever Tiles are high end products and a next Generation vitrified tile. With our established network we handle direct import of our reputed brand in the name of 4EVER from China and distribution to our Intermediary channel network is handled through a feasible marketing strategy based on demand and supply.

4ever tiles are manufactured by the world leaders with a breakthrough of its type by Nano Technology. Using this revolutionary technology, tiles faces are coated with nano-sized ceramic particles that penetrate micro pores of the surface with the help of suitable suspension agents, all applied under very high pressure with a special imported machine to make it more extremely glossy, sturdy and durable.

Nanotechnology helps our tiles face gain a never-before glossiness and durability of staying forever with the same sheen. 4 Ever tiles takes its birth by a process of fine porcelain clay fired at much higher temperatures than ceramic tiles making the tile denser, rigid, less porous, and more resistant to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. The brand is available as Vitrified tiles, Glazed Vitrified Tiles and Rustic Tiles. All of this, put together with its aesthetic appeal has made our brand become extremely popular among homeowners and Construction companies.


•    More than 90% glossiness to give a Smooth, homogeneous surface for an eternal aesthetic appeal.

•    Impact resistance and rigid construction due to High density.

•    Higher scratch and abrasion resistance owing to Nanotechnology.

•    Lowest water absorption which makes it long lasting forever and repellent to stains.

•    Ensures safety and hygiene as Nano coats possess anti-bacterial process.

•    Low maintenance due to its high stain resistance due to fine finish.

•    Distinct design and alluring looks.

•    More than anything Environment-friendly nano tech coating material which shows that we care.